The Spirit in Our Bond

I’m trying to quantify the use of newsletters vs. facebook posts vs. a blog. Bear with me; techie people are yelling at me all the time, so… I’ll figure it out!

"Chessie"  Sunmark’s Cheshire Tide Pencil on paper; 11 x 14” Collection of the artist ©1989 Karen Killian

Sunmark’s Cheshire Tide
Pencil on paper; 11 x 14”
Collection of the artist
©1989 Karen Killian

It’s been 30 years since I drew my first Golden, sittin’ on the dock of the (Chesapeake) bay. I credit her with my entire career …and with the fact that I’m part-dog myself!!! It’s been a great ride, and I’m aware that every bit of my (canine) work exists solely by virtue of the incredible bond that we share with our fluffy alter-egos! 

For now, I’ve been schooled that I must start communicating a New Project via a blog. (And I will continue to learn exactly why!) Let’s call it a 30th anniversary something. Or maybe The Spirit of Our Bond. It’s not so new to those of you who have followed me here over the years. But I want to laser-focus an exposé on the theme of this bond. I want to tell stories and take photographs and, along the way, paint some new paintings… all celebrating this indefatigable love!

I’d love to do a monthly story in a magazine. I’d love to write a book, which as you “old” followers of mine know, has been on my plate for an embarrassing number of unrealized years! And I’d leave in a minute to travel across the country to work on this project everywhere I meet an inspiring story!

A good friend, upon hearing of this grand scheme, said, “And who is gonna pay for that??!!??” I said, I know, I know… that’s what grants and sponsors are for! But first I must write the first stories, with the first paintings, in a new blog format and see how its legs grow. And I’ll post as I grow mine! The first post is a short intro with the handshake, or pawshake (depending on which side of the fur you’re on), “Deal”.

Comment, or write, or even call me, with any of your sentiments about this man-loves-dog world!

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