I’m always looking for those timeless moments that capture the spirit of our kids and dogs. I especially love to paint them playing together, expressing their bond. After a consultation with my client about the design of the desired painting, I’ll spend some time getting to know the subject(s), taking many photos, and making a sketch and color notes. We’ll discuss the photos at a second meeting, and usually take some more. The portrait will then be painted back in the studio. If need be, l can work from a client’s own photos, provided they give me all the information, especially close-ups, that I need.

Prices are determined by pose, (head study to full body), number of subjects, setting and detail of background, and size of the finished painting. Please contact Karen Killian, or the gallery where you learned of Karen Killian’s work, to request a quote for your particular project.

Commission prices are for the original oil painting. Copyright and reproduction rights remain with the artist and The Watermark Studio unless other arrangements are made in writing.

A deposit of 1/3 of the commission price is required at the time of the sitting. This payment is non-refundable in order to compensate for the artist’s time, photography work, and progression of the painting. The balance is due upon your acceptance of the portrait.
Tax if applicable, shipping, framing, and travel expenses are additional. Visa/MasterCard accepted.